Trade Advisory

Connecting Businesses from around the world

What is Trade Advisory?

We advises company on how to export and/or import their product into/to their target market. We advise them on the basic requirements, relevant regulations for their products and the process. Under this section we answers the technical question related to the trading of there product. 

Why you need it?

Due to complexity, less visibility and ever changing dynamic regulatory environment importing and/or exporting can be full of pitfall & roadblocks. Most often than not the process is not straight forward which are further complicated due to minor non compliance of the product.

  • General Trade Requirements & Process
  • Certificate Requirement (Halal, CoC, EQM, etc.)
  • Technical Questions related to Trade

  • Foods
  • Food Supplements
  • Special & Novel Foods

  • GCC
  • Levant
  • North Africa
  • South Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Turkey