Scientific Advisory

What is Scientific Advisory?

Advise provided to the companies to defend their opinion, suggestion, request or recommendation, technically based on sound scientific facts and economic feasibility.

Why you need it

It’s not possible to always be able to comply with the regulations or meet the requirements absolutely. More often than not the standards, regulations, circular, etc. issued by the authorities tends to cause some sort of problem for the companies. One such commonly faced by the companies is regarding technical aspects of product formulation or ingredient composition. Making such changes is costly & time consuming, sometime not feasible economically and may hurt the brand image as well. 

These defenses we prepare for companies are based on sound scientific & technical facts backed by research and wrapped in logical arguments that will help in convincing the authorities. These defenses are also backed up by various other international regulations, standards, etc. as well to justify our argument from regulatory perspective. All our scientific & technical advice are rendered by keeping company need, benefit & feasibility in perspective, always.

  • Development of New Product
  • Ingredient Substitution
  • Product Feasibility
  • Custom Clearance
  • Classification of the Product
  • Others

  • Foods
  • Food Supplements
  • Special & Novel Foods