Product Compliance

What is Product Compliance?

Not only the label the product composition and parameters should comply with the regulation of the country. This is the fundamental requirement for a product to enter a target market. 

Why you need it?

A product manufactured in country will be compliant with that country regulations but no necessarily with the regulation of the target market. Similarly, if a product is accepted in one country it may or may not be accepted in another country. The differences between regulations for same product amount countries can be based on analytical parameters such as microbiological levels or allowed ingredients & additives. Even a minor non-compliance can lead rejection of the product at the port of entry. 

We ensure your product ingredients, formulations and parameters complies with the target market regulations. Under this service we will also assess the claims and information present on the label of you product to ensure those as well are as per the regulations.

Product Assessment & Validation

  • Food
  • Food Supplements

  • GCC
  • Levant
  • North Africa
  • South Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Turkey