What is Labelling ? 

Label is a mean through which the information is imparted to the consumer regarding the product. Hence authorities in various countries has developed and implemented strict guidelines on what information’s that can be displayed on the label. 

Why you need it ? 

A wrong label or claim can not only put your consumer at risk but also put your company at crossroads with the authorities. These requirements evolves continuously and increases with time. 

We ensure that your product labels are as per the current requirement of the target market. Also, we ensure that the any claim or declaration made regarding the products does not violate the regulations of the target market. 

  • Label Validation (Including Claims & Nutrition Table)
  • Claims (Health, Nutrition & Marketing)
  • Nutrition Table

  • Food
  • Food Supplements

  • GCC
  • Levant
  • North Africa
  • South Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Turkey