Label is a mean through which the information is imparted to the consumer regarding the product. Hence authorities in various countries has developed and implemented strict guidelines on what information’s that can be displayed on the label. For companies it becomes difficult to abide by all the requirement at same time be attractive to the consumer. Brand image can be stake if the label does not contain enough information or if contains such information that may discourage consumers from buying the products. A wrong label can not only put your consumer at risk but also put your company at crossroads with the authorities. These requirements also continuously evolve and increases in complexity; hence it adds to difficulty to not only comply with the requirement but also with remain abreast with the new development.

We verify every aspect and all the information mentioned on the label with the requirement of the regulations. We make sure all the necessary information’s are included and presented in the acceptable manner. We also ensure all the optional information does not conflict with the regulations. We provide our services based on the current & updated regulations only. Our expertise in labelling will help you to mitigate the risk as well as navigate this tricky terrain.We ensure that the labels not only meet all the necessary requirement but also remains attractive to the consumer at same time.

Following are the sub section under this service:

  • Label Compliance (Includes Health & Marketing Claims and Nutritional Panel Compliance)
  • Health and Marketing Claims Compliance
  • Nutritional Panel Compliance

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