Importance of Intelligence

Blink and you miss! Information is key in this fast-evolving world. With proper information, ahead of time, decision can be made to either negate a threat or maximize from the opportunity.  These information’s are vital for growth of a company, they can be the difference between the success or failure. These information’s has become more significant due to globalization. Every country has their own regulations, standards and policies that govern the entry of products into the market. These regulations vary from country to country as well as in its implementations. It is a challenge to be able to compile such information from numerous sources, assess its authenticity and evaluate its impact. The hardship compounded by the ever-changing scenario and new development, what was latest yesterday maybe obsolete tomorrow.


Why us?

Information is our most valuable asset hence we strive to always remain ahead of the curve, to predict the future by analyzing the present.  We have developed a network throughout the authorities, associations and among some major companies/influencer that provides us information not available to public. Through experiences we have optimize our resource, process and analysis method to ensure the information we provide is accurate and significant.

We compile information from various resources, verify such information’s & their respective sources, then analyze data based on feasibility & viability for the business and finally generate a concise, easy to understand report. Our information is based on practicality and usability criteria. Due to our experience & expertise in the field developed while catering to various companies, we have inundated access to hard to access information and wider visibility of impact on business.

We ensure as well as really cherish having our information be of invaluable assets for our clients.


Our Service

The report will include the information about the following:

  1. Standards or Regulations (Draft, Amendment, Under Review or New)
  2. Policies or Decrees or Legislation (Under Discussion or Circulated or Being pondered upon)
  3. Import Requirement or Procedure (New or Changes)
  4. Influential event from around the globe.
  5. Other information from our network and key personnel in authorities

Frequency: Monthly (12 Issue per year) plus Additional Alerts Issues when necessary


We also issues a customized report that includes detailed information regarding the regulatory compliance requirement for a product along with trade and custom requirement for the same.

For more details regarding the customized report please contact us.


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