The objective of this service is to help business in their decision and strategy making process by providing them accurate and important information. The type of information varies based on business requirements and criteria. But no matter whatever be the need, we strive to do it better than other and really cherish having our information be of invaluable assets for our clients.

We compile information from various resources, verify such information’s & their respective sources, then analyze data based on feasibility & viability for the business of interest and finally generate a concise, easy to understand report.

Our information is based on practicality and usability criteria. It is compiled from various online & offline resources as well as field research. Due to our experience & expertise in the field developed while catering to various companies, we have inundated access to hard to access information and wider visibility of impact on business.

We provide following intelligence services for our client product/service, either on monthly or on ad hoc basis:


  • Market Intelligence
    • Market Entry Research (Requirement)
    • Market Assessment Research (Risk & Opportunities)
    • Competitive Intelligence Research
    • Others


  • Trade Intelligence:
    • Custom Regulations & Duties
    • Custom Clearance Process
    • Document, Certification & Registration Requirement
    • Others


  • Regulatory Intelligence:
    • Horizon Scanning – Risk Assessment & Heat Map (Selected Area)
    • Alert – Standards & Regulations,Policies, Decrees, Notification, etc.
    • Product Compliance Report
    • Regulatory Mapping
    • Crisis Management
    • Others

Please contact us at for more details and/or customized intelligence plan as per your requirement.