Halal Compliance

The Stumbling Block:

Nowadays, there is a lot of confusion regarding Halal regulations for companies exporting to OIC countries (Islamic Countries). This is due to presence of various issues, as stated below, which combines to further compound the complexity of the situation.

  1. Innumerable standards & regulations being followed by each individual countries.
  2. Presence of infinite number of halal certification bodies claiming to be approved or recognized by different authorities.
  3. Various complex and difficult accreditation or recognition or approval system & requirement

The later has lead increase in number of non-accredited or unrecognized certification bodies throughout the world. Such certification bodies issues unauthentic certificates to companies which leads to rejection of shipment at the port of entry.


The Panacea:

Hence, to counter this problem we have developed a special service called Halal Compliance Check. The objective of this service is to:

  1. Reduce complexity and increase visibility regarding halal requirement.
  2. Protect companies from being exploited by fraudulent certification bodies or consultants


Scope of Service:

This service will provide you with vital information that will help you make decision regarding halal and exporting to Islamic countries:

  1. Whether your product is halal compliant or not as per the different countries regulations & standards.
  2. Whether halal certificate is mandatory or not for your product as per the importing country regulations.
  3. If it is mandatory then which certification body in your country is approved by the importing country authority.
  4. If your country does not have an approved halal certification body then from where you should get the halal certificate.
  5. If you are already halal certified then will that halal certificate accepted by the importing country authority.
  6. The halal certificate provided by your supplier is genuine or not and if they are genuine will it be accepted by halal certification body to certify you.

These information will be provided for 57 Islamic (OIC) countries across the globe. 



  1. Eliminate loss of time and resources involved with certification and shipment clearance at port of entry
  2. Reduce unnecessary cost involved with not so important certification and shipment being stuck at the port
  3. Protect company reputation and product brand by avoiding delays in clearance and/or shipment being stuck.
  4. Get information for all 57 Islamic countries beforehand so as to make informed decision


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