Halal Compliance

What is Halal Compliance?

Halal Compliance determine whether a product requires Halal Certification or not as per the target market local regulations & requirements.

Why you need it?

There is no uniform Halal Standard or Regulations globally. They vary from country to country in both requirement & process. Some product will require Halal Certification for one country and may not for another country. Also, there is a restriction on which organization can issue Halal Certification as not every Halal Certification body is recognized or approved by every country.

We will ensure your product & company complies with the target market requirement specific to your product for Halal. This will help you save time and money by avoiding unnecessary certification or certification from wrong certification body. This will also save you time, money and your brand as well by avoiding rejection or hold up at port of entry due to wrong certification or absence of certification or incorrect claims.

We will answer the following question for you:

  • Can your product be considered Halal as per your target market regulations?
  • Does your product require Halal Certificate to enter your target market?
  • From where you should take the Halal Certificate from based, if required?
  • Does the Halal Logo or Statement on your product label complies with the regulations of your target market?

All. Provide compliance service for all local, regional and international Halal Standards & Regulations