Halal Certification

About the Certification:

Due to increasing awareness about importance of halal among consumer and positioning of its as economic powerhouse by the government, halal certificate is becoming common, a default requirement for OIC countries. Halal Certification first came to into existence in 1970’s and 1980’s in South East Asia. Consumer in Malaysia and Indonesia were concerned that some of the products available in the market were produced using lard or pig fat. The pressure from public lead to development of government authorities in these countries to oversee, control and ensure that the products are halal. From the beginning of this century, there has been a boom in this industry with more countries developing their own standard, regulations and/or certification as well diversification of this field into new sectors.

We are well connected with over 120 Halal Certification body around the globe. We are providing consultancy to assist you get your company/product halal certified from the appropriate certification body in the country of production. Our consultancy services has been optimized to reduce time and cost of our client, hence can be executed from off-site location.  We asses the requirement and feasibility of our client before we begin so as to provide effective and efficient service.

Irrespective of country, products or other hurdles we can and will get your product/company certified from a genuine, approved certification body in least amount of time for minimal cost. 


Scope of Service:

GAP ANALYSIS: Conduct assessment of the products, ingredients, processing and system to identify gaps as per the relevant standard.

CERTIFICATION BODY ASSISTANCE: Provide guidance & support to find the appropriate certification as per the requirement. And also assist with negotiation, application and communication with the said certification body.

DOCUMENTATION: Prepare or revise necessary documents including  policies, standard operating procedures, process flow, supplier list, ingredients, records, etc. Accumulate important and accurate documents & reports from suppliers and other third parties including declarations, certificates, etc.

TRAINING: Conduct couple of training for the client personnel based on relevance.  A awareness training for general employees for imparting basic information about halal and certification process. And an internal auditor training for selected few employees to equip them with the knowledge of the standard requirement and enable them to implement and maintain compliance with the standard.

IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE: Based on prepared manual and standards, implement the system in compliance with the requirement and close gaps identified earlier. Also provide suggestion for continued compliance, improvement and closing of any potential future gaps.

AUDIT PREPARATION: Assist in conducting an internal audit as per the standard requirement and also to ensure preparedness for the audit. Also assist with audit planning and streamline any issue related to the same.

CLOSING NON-COMPLIANCE: Provide assistance for closing any non-compliance that may have been raised by the auditor during the stage 2 audit by the certification body auditor, if any.

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