Halal Advisory

Utilizing our expertise, experience, knowledge and network in Halal Certification and Regulations, we advise companies on everything related to Halal. We specialize in solving problems, risk identification, optimizing, process, product and business development for Halal Industry.

Following are some of the examples where we can help you:

  • If your product is stuck at the port of entry or has been rejected due to Halal Certification or Regulations.
  • If your products fall into the grey area of Halal Regulations or having trouble with compliance.
  • If you want to develop new products or process that is compliant with the Halal Regulations.
  • Need insight or information regarding the halal regulations or the market to develop strategies.
  • Etc.

    Overall, irrespective of hurdles or whatsoever be your requirement related to Halal, we have the solution.