About the Accreditation:

Halal Accreditation has been initiated by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), a federal authority of the government of UAE. As per the law, the certification body issuing Halal Certificate for products exported to UAE need to registered with ESMA. In order to be registered with ESMA, the certification body have to accredited as per the standard and by an approved accreditation body.

We assist certification bodies with the accreditation process and requirement as per the UAE or GSO standards. This is necessary for to be registered with ESMA (UAE) as Halal Certification Body approved by UAE Government.

Apart from accreditation for UAE we also provide consultancy for accreditation as per the SMIICĀ  standards. We also assist certification body and their halal certificates to be recognized with Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, etc. authorities.


Scope of Service:

GAP ASSESSMENT: Reviewing the documents and systems to identify compliance status as per the standard requirement.

PREPARING DOCUMENTS: Edit the important documents and prepare the missing documents necessary for accreditation as per the requirement like policies, standard operating procedures, process flow, etc.

TRAINING: Provide crash course training on the requirement of accreditation standard requirement necessary for the certification body professional and one of the standard requirement. Also provide relevant certification depending on qualification including Lead Auditor, Technical Expert, Certification Expert, etc.

IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE: Assist in developing the system and implementing it as per the requirement. Assist in troubleshooting and finding justification for any shortfall. Also provide suggestion for continued compliance, improvement and closing of any potential future gaps.

APPLICATION SUPPORT: Assist in complying with application requirement and providing relevant documents to the accreditation body. Follow with the accreditation body on a regular basis to speed up the process and assist with any of their request. Also, troubleshoot any issue that may be raised during the application process.

AUDIT PLANNING: Assist in preparing for the audit in an effective and efficient way including identifying the clients for witness audit and preparing them as well. Conduct a review of all the documents and system before the final audit.

CLOSING NON-COMPLIANCE: Assist in providing response and closing any non-compliance or observation raised by the accreditation body auditor during either stage one or stage two.


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