Our training programs are designed after analyzing the industry need and feasibility of such courses. The material has been developed after thorough research of individual subject and reviewed by experienced industry professional. The training also includes real life examples from experienced auditors and technical experts. The material undergoes periodic evaluation to stay updated with industry development.

Our Programs are:

  • Technically Oriented Material
  • Practically Oriented Training
  • Emphasis on understanding the concept and its application
  • Discuss Strategies & Ideas to Tackle Roadblocks and/or Troubleshoot Issues
  • All queries related to hypothetical and practical scenario are addresses adequately

The program is designed to provide confidence and understanding of the underlying knowledge (How? When? Why? etc.). This will help mold them into such professionals who can improvised as necessary while still adhering to the guideline. Even the assessments are designed to build their confidence, improve practical thought process and plug any gaps that remains after the training.

The Programs

  • Food Import Requirement & Process (Custom Clearance, Product Registration, Documentation, etc.)
  • Important Authorities & their Functions.
  • Conformity Certification Process & Requirements.
  • Food Law.
  • Food Labelling, Nutritional Fact & Claims.
  •  NCD Policies & its Impact (Including Front of Pack Labelling)
  • Introduction to Food Certification Requirement & Process.
  • Fundamentals of Food Fraud & Defense (TACCP & VACCP).
  • Fundamentals of Food Investigation, Inspection & Auditing.
  • International Halal Standards, Regulations & Certifications
  • System & Product Certification Accreditation Process & Requirement