Connecting Businesses from around the world


Our job is to connect food & ingredients industries from across the globe with reliable & sustainable partners in the Middle East region and India. We select these partners based on single criteria; growth feasibility of our clients.

Hence our objective is to ensure that our client business is well protected in the region while maximizing return from every opportunity.

To meet the said criteria & objectives, we:

  • Thoroughly understand our client’s requirement, expectation, preferences, capabilities and limitations
  • Optimize our strategy, planning, execution and effort as per our client need
  • Be proactive and plan for expected as well as unexpected to protect our client interests
  • Create back up options, alternatives and fail-safe to protect our clients interest
  • Identify new opportunities for continuous growth & development
  • Keep you a brisk with all the latest happenings & developments that may affect our client business in region
  • Work closely with our client to develop strategy, optimize resources and protect our clients interest

We function as a designated representative of our client, protecting their interest and fueling their growth in the region. We provide support in form of:

  • Official Representation
  • Partner Research & Verification
  • Negotiation & Mediating
  • Periodic Reporting on Business Health
  • Market Intelligence & Research
  • Regulatory Intelligence & Compliance
  • Trade Intelligence
  • Certification
  • Crisis Management
  • Suggestion & Recommendations

We provide service for the following channel partners:


Find Distributor

Under this channel, we find partners for our finished food manufacturer clients. The partners include distributors, traders, importers and retail chain in the region.


Find Suppliers

Under this channel, we find partners for our food ingredients manufacturer clients. The partners include food manufacturer in the region.


Please contact at us for more details about the Find Distributor and/or Find Suppliers programs.