Complying with the regulations or meeting the requirements adequately can be often difficult and even sometimes practically impossible due to restriction of time, requirements and economic constraints. But as we have learned from our experience that there is always way around such hurdles. Utilizing such experience and trade requirements & process knowledge, we advise companies on the possible & practical solutions while ensuring the feasibility of such solutions for the company from economic perspective.

Our Service

We advise on defending company position based on scientific facts & research:

  • Against a trade requirement
  • Continue using an ingredient
  • Requiring more time for implementation
  • Approval for grey area product
  • Product classification
  • Get specific exemptions for certain products
  • Other restriction imposed by the regulations

We also prepare scientific dossier for individual products.

We advise on negotiating around trade barriers and efficient supply chain process:

  • Providing alternative ways to ensure compliance with the regulations or
  • Get specific exemptions for certain products
  • Speeding up the clearance process,
  • Avoiding rejection,
  • Clearing of stuck shipment,
  • Crisis management in case of recall or withdrawal
  • Others.