A Short Introduction to Us

NT Business Consultancy LLP (NATBC) is a Trade Support, Compliance & Advisory consultancy company providing services to FMCG companies internationally. Our expertise is in Product Certification required for Market Entry, Regulatory Compliance, Information & Intelligence and Technical Advisory.

  • We specializes in Food & Beverage Products and their Ingredients for Compliance.
  • For Certifications including Halal, Certificate of Conformity and Quality Mark we cover entire FMCG product categories.
  • Provide Visibility and Reduce Complexity & Liabilities.
  • Make the Market Entry process Effective & Efficient.
  • Technically Assist in Protection & Growth of Business.
  • Empower companies to make informed decision by adequately identifying opportunities & threats
  • Ensure that our services are of highest possible quality and worthy of our client investment & trust in us.
  • Contribute in overall development of regulatory & trade framework of the region. 

Establish ourselves as the most Trusted & Accurate Trade Support Service Provider, Globally and Become an asset for our clients. 

Countries & Regions We Cover