Product Compliance

We ensure that the composition of your product is permitted in the target market.
More or less, ingredient composition remains the same for most of the food products throughout the world. The differences that exist, are either due to addition of special features like health benefits, flavor, color, etc. or novel ingredients. Irrespective of the familiarity or similarity all food products need to be verified at the port of entry. Apart from the label, the composition of the products is compared to the relevant national standard or similar.
Our expert reviews your product data and advises on the formulas, ingredients, and claims declared on the labels of all new and existing products to make sure that they comply with the regulatory guidelines of the receiving market.

Our regulatory advisers work with your product development teams to assess and validate the compliance of your new product’s underlying concept, formula, ingredients, technical specifications, and legal texts on the label with the regulations of the concerned country.

Our expert services validate the core formula within the framework of the target country’s regulations and technical requirements. We also advise on ingredients and labeling requirements including the mandatory communication of information about the product.