Various countries have varying Halal Regulations and relevant Requirements. Not every product requires Halal Certification, similarly not every Halal Certification Body is recognized or accredited. We will help you understand your target market requirement specific to your product.

We will answer the following question for you:

  • Can your product be considered Halal as per your target market regulations?
  • Does your product require Halal Certificate to enter your target market?
  • From where you should take the Halal Certificate from based, if required?
  • Does the Halal Logo or Statement on your product label complies with the regulations of your target market?

    These information’s can be provided for 57 Islamic (OIC) countries across the globe including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, etc. And some other Non-Islamic countries as well which has Halal Regulations, like Singapore.

    This will help you save time and money by avoiding unnecessary certification or certification from wrong certification body. This will also save you time, money and your brand as well by avoiding rejection or hold up at port of entry due to wrong certification or absence of certification or incorrect claims.