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We proved assistance to companies, organizations, associations and other entities throughout the world in relation to Halal Standards, Regulations, Compliance, Certification, Issues or Crisis, etc. as well as product development and other technical support, business ideation, feasibility and strategy support, for all the OIC (Islamic) countries.

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The world is evolving at an ever-increasing pace and more so is the dynamic regulatory environment.  Nations, to stay relevant & significant, need to adapt & evolve with the developments and changes. Hence, they formulate & introduce new regulations, policies, laws, etc. to keep abreast with the developments. These are designed to fuels the growth as well as protect the social-economic condition of the country in the changing environment.

Even though these new regulations, policies, etc. are necessary for the greater good, they increase hurdles for companies. Companies also need to change & adapt themselves and their products or services as per the new requirement. Along with language, cultural barrier and implementation reality it can be quite complex and chaotic. And ultimately these leads to loss of time, resources and increased cost for the companies.

And this is where we come in. NATBC was floated to assist companies with effective and efficient compliance of the authority’s requirement. Our job is to reduce loss of time, resources and cost for the companies and it forms our core objective. Utilizing our strength and resources, we help company navigate through this maze and help them protect their market and brand.

Bedrock of our expertise lies in our understanding, knowledge and experience of interaction with the authorities in the region and other relevant organization in the world. Not only we are well connected but also, we emphasize strictly on staying well informed in advance and ahead of the curve. Another of our strength is our ability to devise ingenious as well as simple solution for the problems. All the support we provide are designed to solve present issue and protect against future threats.

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