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Short Introduction to Our Services


Our Compliance service ensure your products are as per the current Standards & Regulations of the target country and include services such as Label Validation, Product Compliance, etc. We also verify import requirement for a given product and verify the available documents and identify the remaining requirements as well.

Ensure your product label meets the requirement of the relevant Standards.

Ensure your product ingredients & parameters complies with the relevant Standards.

Ensure you have all the right documents for entering & marketing in the target market. 

Know whether your product requires certification and from where to get them.


We provide consultancy for Product & System Certification required for Market Entry including Certificate of Conformity (CoC), Quality Marks & Special Certification such as Halal, Organic, Food Safety, etc. We are well connected with numerous renowned Certification & Notified Body throughout the globe who issue such certifications. 

Certificate of Conformity is the minimum requirement that ensure that your products complies with the latest regulation of your target market. 

Quality Mark signifies that your product is compliant with the regulations of the Country and facilitate easy clearance at port of entry

Customized Consultancy service to get your product certified for Halal, Food Safety, Organic, Non-GMO and other Food Certification 


Under Information & Intelligence we gather, assess, eliminate noise and break down the all the information, happening & requirements in the regions we cover. The simplified output helps companies to easily access such important information, dissemination and assess opportunities or threats for them as well as know the requirement beforehand for their target market. 

Be informed regrading the latest news, regulations, drafts, decrees and other happenings in the regulatory & trade environment of your target markets.

Get in depth knowledge of the expected changes in the regulatory & trade environment and its impact on the market & your product

Standard Translation, Compliance Checklist,  Contact Details of Authorities, List of Standards and Other Resources required by your Regulatory & Export Team.


In Technical Advisory, we provide companies solutions to their issues and help them overcome any obstacles they faced while importing, formulating or marketing their product. We provide advices & support for them to get special approval for using a claims or ingredients, for developing novel products, regulatory landscape for their products, etc. 

We guide companies on the requirements of importing products into a country, the local practices, the regulations, way around obstacles and the pitfalls.  

We help companies prepare a defense or a preventive action based on scientific facts & data to address any issue or navigate a road block.

We provide support to companies in addressing any issue, whether scientific or regulatory, faced while developing, importing or marketing their products.  

Learn about the requirements of the your target market and how to meet them. Also, improve the knowledge & expertise of your employees for continuous compliance of your product as per the requirement of the target market.