Global Halal Advisory

Total Solution for Halal Certification & Regulatory Issues

We proved assistance to companies, organizations, associations and other entities throughout the world in relation to Halal Standards, Regulations, Compliance, Certification, Issues or Crisis, etc. as well as product development and other technical support, business ideation, feasibility and strategy support.

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Who are we?

We are Problem Solver and Optimizer!

We assist companies with effective & efficient compliance of their products with the authority’s standard & regulatory requirement. Our job is to reduce the loss of time, resources and cost for the companies and it forms our core objective. Utilizing our strength and resources, we help the company navigate through this maze and help them protect their market and brand.

The bedrock of our expertise lies in our understanding, knowledge & experience of implementing standards & regulations. We are well connected with the authorities and other relevant organization including over 120 Halal Certification Bodies around the globe. We emphasize & strive strictly on staying well informed in advance and ahead of the curve. Another of our strength is our ability to devise ingenious as well as a simple solution to the problems. All the support we provide is designed to solve the present issue and protect against future threats thus helping in the growth of our client business.

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