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We consult & advise, to help companies with solution for their problems or overcome any roadblocks related to compliance & certification. Our goal is to provide necessary support for our client to protect their brands, market and business.


Following are the services that will help your company protect your brand & market as well save your company resources, time and fortunes.

Know whether your product requires Halal Certification or not and from where to get it.

Consultancy to get Halal Certification for your product from any part of the world.

Become an approved Halal Certification Body as per the international standards.

Got problem or confused regarding Halal Regulations or Standard? We have the solution.

Improve your skillset by learning about the Halal, Food Certification, Regulations and more.

Get your product EQM certified and enter the UAE market with ease.

Ensure your product label meets the requirement of the relevant Standard.

Ensure your product composition complies with the relevant Standard.

We help you prepare a defense or a preventive action based on scientific facts & data.

About Us

We are Problem Solver! We are passionate about helping companies understand & navigate through the dynamic regulatory environment in the most efficient & effective manner.

Who we are & What we do?

We are a consultancy company providing services for Food, Food Packaging & Personal Care Industries. We expertise in International Halal Certification & Regulations and Market Access requirement (Including Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Conformity Certification and Product Registration) for Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, South & South East Asia. We also expertise is Scientific Affairs & Research. Our specialization is in finding solution for our client’s problem and advising the best option moving forward. Our company is registered in Chennai, India and has a partner office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our job is to facilitate our client business and help them overcome hurdles & navigate roadblocks in compliance & certification. We strive to help our client meet their requirement in the most effective & efficient way. We also help them find alternatives, if needed, in order to meet their objectives. Our service, by default, entails risk identification and sustainable options throughout our service.

Our core objective is to provide visibility & reduce complexity for companies. Thus, protecting our client brand & market while reducing the liabilities in form of losses. We reduce risk for our clients and empower them to make informed decision for development of their business. We ensure that our services are worthy of our client investment and trust in us.

Why us?

We know the market & the regulations like the back of our hand!
Bedrock of our expertise lies in our understanding & knowledge of business & regulatory environment and standards & regulations. As well as expertise & experience in implementing these standards & regulations and providing certification consultancy. Our experts are battle hardened through years of experience & practice while auditing, training and consulting.

We are well connected with the authorities and other relevant organization including over 120 Halal Certification Bodies around the globe.

We utilize our connection to remain well informed on regular basis & ahead of the curve thus identifying threats and opportunities for our client beforehand.

Another of our strength is our ability to devise ingenious as well as practical solution for the problems. We work around the standard, regulations, requirements to maximize benefit for our client while reducing their liabilities. All the support we provide are designed to solve present issue and protect against future threats thus helping in the growth of our client business.

We know what can work & what cannot, who to approach and how to approach, we can find solution to any problem related to our area & region of expertise.

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